McAfee Antivirus review

McAfee Internet Security Antivirus: price, installation, options, additional modules

McAfee Internet Security is a multi-component and cross-platform protection against virus threats and confidential data leakage. It contains the necessary set of functions for building a high-quality information security system.

Subscription price

In June 2018, the amount of payment for the annual subscription to use this antivirus Makafi is 949.50 rubles. This cost is relevant for a license for one computer for one calendar year. Joining all personal devices will cost 1899 rubles. You can buy the program here.

Thus, McAfee Internet Security antivirus becomes almost the most expensive product of the company. A trial version with a monthly test period is also available for evaluation.

Let us examine the features of this antivirus.

Install McAfee Internet Security

We give instructions for installing a trial version of McAfee Internet Security antivirus. After the expiration of the 30th trial period, anyone can activate a paid subscription.

  • You need to register on the official website of McAfee and through your personal account request a license key to the test version of the program.
  • Download and run the installer distribution.
  • Enter the received serial number to activate (key).
  • Wait until the installation of antivirus. This may take some time, which directly depends on the speed of your Internet connection.

McAfee Internet Security Antivirus is ready to go.

Basic functionality

Like all other products from McAfee, Internet Security is equipped with anti-virus algorithms that scan your device for real-time viruses. In addition, the antivirus has the following functions:

  • firewall that protects against unauthorized Internet actions of third-party software.
  • McAfee Shredder is a module that permanently removes infected files, viruses, and trojans.
  • LAN Manager protects user wireless network from hacking and theft of confidential data.

Purchase of McAfee Internet Security (if you choose the appropriate tariff plan) will also help you connect additional devices to your antivirus on Android or iOS.

Antivirus add-on modules

McAfee Internet Security is not just an antivirus, but a whole set of utilities for safe work on a PC. All modules, if desired, can be disabled, using only those that are needed in each case.

  • McAfee anti-spam integrates into the email utility and protects you from unwanted advertising emails and phishing emails. There are 5 levels of protection for the spam filter – from the minimum when the risk of false positives is reduced, but more spam reaches the inbox to strict when messages from any sender who is not in the address book or who has not been corresponded before are blocked.
  • Parental control: the restriction of children viewing inappropriate content. Setting an option is made by selecting the age category or by independent selection of the types of sites that should be blocked.
  • True Key Password Manager with multi-factor authentication support.
  • SideAdvisor – application for safe surfing. It is an addition to the browser, in which each visited web page is scanned on the basis of sites that are dangerous for viewing. In case a threat is detected, the loading of the site scripts is blocked and a warning message appears.
  • Vulnerability Scanner Vulnerability Scanner. Analyzes the relevance of the installed operating system and important programs, checks for updates, helps to seamlessly install new versions of drivers and other software.
  • QuickClean is a small tool for cleaning the hard disk of “garbage” – unused files.


One of the McAfee software developers’ chips is to maximize the simplification of user interaction with the software. The anti-virus should work as if by itself and not require human participation.

For this reason, McAfee Internet Security Antivirus does not have a large number of editable settings. There are only two main parameters that can be changed:

  • Enable real-time scanning (on or off).
  • The way to conduct checks on the device. The recommended status of this setting is: ?Check for all possible threats?. However, such a scan takes a lot of time. To search for vulnerabilities by using the express method, select ?Check for the most common threats?.

Additionally, you can customize each module included in the antivirus. All parameters are intuitive, and a detailed explanation is provided for each item.

If necessary, antivirus McAfee can be disabled.

Because instead of the standard antivirus bundled with McAfee Internet Security comes a number of useful applications – this is a good user solution. A wide range of functions is sufficient for most everyday tasks.

Combining all of their devices with one antivirus is another reason to consider McAfee Internet Security as the main electronic security tool.