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McAfee and Norton Antivirus Comparison 2020 Review

Nowadays, some people might think they don’t really need antiviruses installed on their PC’s. Still, practice shows that the Internet is full of malware, spyware, spam apps and adware annoying popup programs waiting for the unprotected user to lose their caution.

This article is the McAfee and Norton antivirus comparison called to find out which of them is better to keep your private virtual space safe. Let’s check

McAfee: Reasons to Consider

Throughout years, McAfee has been remaining among leaders of cybersecurity field business companies. Still, the evolution of multiple malware apps made them use computing resources of all the devices to locate threats and eliminate them. Though, after McAfee stopped being the partner of Intel in 2017, they concentrated their efforts on optimization. Developers wanted to lower system requirements and resource consumption of their software, and this approach brought them much profit.

In addition to almost perfect protection and performance grades from top testing laboratories (which confidently show how small the amount of hardware resources consumed by McAfee solutions is), McAfee has a long list of advanced security instruments:

  • Built-in network firewall
  • Active protection utility
  • User data encryption
  • Cloud storage

The reliable parental control of McAfee allows users determining when and for how long their children can stay online and what resources they can access while surfing the net. The webcam monitoring utility guarantees that nobody will get access to the picture from the user’s webcam without their permission.

The huge amount of functions included into McAfee Total Protection, it can even be a bit difficult to find them on the toolbar.

McAfee advantages:

  • Perfect malware protection
  • Low system resource consumption
  • Webcam monitoring
  • Personal network firewall to control and filter data
  • Parental control

McAfee disadvantages:

  • Overloaded control paned, non-optimized menu
  • High price

Norton AntiVirus

The Norton AntiVirus Plus solution is delivered in the integrated package with some additional instruments not usually included in basic antivirus apps:

  • Firewall
  • Password Manager

Both are important. They stop malware from infiltrating in your system, provide security for the PC and the user’s identity protection in the Internet. Another cool feature of Norton AntiVirus Plus is the access to two gigabytes of online cloud storage to keep your critical backup files there.

According to test results, Norton AntiVirus Plus was able to stop most malware files on download attempts. A few files were reported as stopped, but later disclosed by the app on deep scanning. All threats were eliminated successfully. The result was a bit strange and made us doubt the Norton’s ability to neutralize malware apps, as some objects could sneak into the system.

At the same time, such results confirmed the reliability of this software, as the antivirus could recognize and eliminate malware apps, though it required a deep check procedure to locate them. Additionally, Norton provides protection guarantee for every system. In case your PC got infected so much it became impossible to recover the system, Norton specialists will support you in cleaning up the files and restoring the functionality of your computer.

Norton AntiVirus Plus advantages:

  • Guaranteed system protection
  • Additional safety instruments

Norton AntiVirus Plus disadvantages:

  • PC performance drops and losses due to the serious load on resources caused by the antivirus
  • High product price

To Conclude

Concluding the review, both apps are solid and reliable guarantees of private data protection and PC stability maintenance. That’s why they are quite pricy. On the other hand, McAfee has some troubles with user interface, and Norton consumes way too much hardware resources.