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Kaspersky Antivirus review

Kaspersky Antivirus review

Now the Kaspersky Anti-Virus program is perhaps the most sought-after antivirus in Russia, and rightly so. There are a number of reasons for this. Let’s get acquainted with some of them.

The benefits of this program include a huge database of viruses, that is, there is protection against the greatest number of threats. Kaspersky Lab is able to distribute fresh databases in batches to the recipient’s email. The functions of the resident verification program, which allows you to check files when downloading, provide an undeniable advantage that only advanced developers have.

Support for a number of platforms and various network functions in one version of antivirus is also a significant fact. Kaspersky has quite fast search algorithms and a small percentage of erroneous positives. Very unloaded and user-friendly design with the right tools.

The anti-virus product manufactured by Kaspersky Lab consists of the following modules:

Basic protection:

Protection against any type of malware; checking all files, emails and Internet traffic; protection of Internet pagers (MSN, ICQ); automatic database update.

Extended Protection:

Personal firewall; protection against network attacks; secure work in VPNs and Wi-Fi.

Threat Prevention: an innovative system for setting rules and controlling the operation of an application; proactive protection against unknown and new threats; search for vulnerabilities in the OS and installed software; blocking links to infected portals.

Protection of confidential data:

Blocking links to phishing portals; virtual keyboard to enter username and password in safe mode; Preventing theft of data received via an SSL connection (using the HTTPS protocol); blocking unauthorized phone calls.

Boxed version of Kaspersky Lab’s antivirus – KIS 2014

Protection from inappropriate content:

Parental control and spam protection.

Pros and cons of Kaspersky Anti-Virus

   Many users scold Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2014. And the system slows down, and does not detect viruses, does not allow to install unlicensed software. From the analysis of comments we can conclude: this antivirus requires detailed manual configuration, under the conditions of each particular computer. However, something like this is with other known antivirus programs. Indeed, the slightest error in the settings can cause serious damage to the computer. It is better to consult a specialist.

The biggest disadvantage is quite expensive for a home user. Previous versions heavily loaded the system, and it was not possible to use them on low-power computers.

Plus – the new Kaspersky has become much easier and more resourceful! Finds most known viruses.

Minus – does not like the “left” program. He prefers to work exclusively with Microsoft software. That, therefore, is never cheap, especially free. Low-end user, and even with the left XP, Kaspersky is clearly not a friend. The very same antivirus hacks the operating system at the installation stage.

Plus – it will be possible to use in parallel and on all your mobile devices.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security: comprehensive corporate antivirus

The German laboratory AV-Test this year has tested the most common anti-virus packages for businesses and evaluated them by the criteria: “Interface”, “Performance”, “Protection”. One of the products with the highest points is Kaspersky Endpoint Security. Consider the features of this antivirus for corporate consumers.

The antivirus software package integrates technologies that comprehensively protect corporate data, as well as modern machine learning algorithms. The product includes software for computers on different platforms, servers, mobile devices. The manufacturer highlights the following advantages of business antivirus:

Cost optimization. Antivirus modules are combined into a single product, and all solutions can be used “out of the box.”

Uninterrupted. The software does not affect the functionality of the file server, while ensuring constant security control.

International recognition. The winning product in 72 independent tests out of 86 in 2017.

Convenient administration. The possibility of role-setting central console with the division of functions between different administrators.

Security control and optimization. The software monitors updates for programs and applications, allows you to quickly and easily install them.

?apability of business antivirus from Kaspersky

Kaspersky Endpoint Security is complex software with the ability to deploy software and operating systems remotely, with built-in encryption, the option to install patches. The malicious code is detected by the system using innovative algorithms.

The manufacturer promises effective protection against zero-day threats. All objects are protected. which are included into a corporate network, at the same time the risk of infection both outside, and inside is excluded.

Detected software vulnerabilities are eliminated instantly. Corporate information is protected from the risks of leakage. Convenient center console ensures convenient process management. Online process monitoring, device and program monitoring, data encryption in files and on disks are available. With the help of protection against cyber threats, it is possible to prevent dangerous software attacks (using HIPS technology. You can create white lists of applications that can be installed on user devices.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security is a product that is able to protect against threats at the modern level. This is the optimal solution for medium and large businesses that need a stable and high-quality work of equipment and network: without infections, data loss and other troubles.