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How to Find the Best Dog Crate for Your Fellow

Keeping a dog on a chain in many cases negatively affects the nature and general health of the animal. The way out of this situation is the construction of an aviary, which can be done, taking into account all the features of a particular breed. Therefore, we have compiled the main characteristics and properties of the best dog crates.

Necessary Rules of Dog Crates

The main rules when choosing a crate for a dog include:

  1. Place the crate in a dry place so that the material does not rot or damp.
  2. Make an aviary according to the size and breed of your pet.
  3. A dog must open a view of the main entrance to the house or yard from the crate.
  4. The distance between the parts of the grill should be no more than 10 cm.
  5. Do not place the crate close to other animals.
  6. Make sure that the height of the crate does not allow the dog to jump over it.

Based on your preferences, you can build a variety of beautiful crates for dogs. They can be metal or wood, large or small, partially open or closed and insulated. Also, such enclosures can have an automatic supply of food and water, which makes your pet’s home as comfortable and cozy as possible.

What are the Types

The types of crates depend on many factors. The main ones are the breed of the dog, its size, place of residence and the number of pets. We invite you to find out what types of enclosures for keeping dogs exist.

Home Crates

Cages are an excellent option for enclosures for dogs living in an apartment. They are used if you need to isolate the pet for training, to allocate a separate space for the mother with children, or this is a necessity for the disease of the animal.

The advantages of such a crate include:

  • durability;
  • the ability to choose different sizes;
  • ease of movement;
  • the possibility of using as a street aviary;
  • no need for constant washing.

Street Crates

A street aviary for a dog is most often made to order, given the breed and size of the animal. The main advantage here is the ability to build a structure that will meet all the stated needs. For example, if you live in a cold climate, you can make a cage an uncomfortable booth for a dog. So the animal will feel warm and safe. Among the main shortcomings of the outdoor enclosure, one can single out the need for constant cleaning and the large dimensions of such a structure.

How to Choose the Right One

When choosing an aviary for a dog, pay attention to the price of the goods. Please note that the use of safe and quality materials will not be cheap. But such an aviary will not harm the health of your pet and will become his favorite habitat.

If you choose an aviary or an ordinary cage, there are no special recommendations here. The main thing is that the animal should not be crowded inside such a house, and polyester should be used as a fabric for the tent.