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AVG Antivirus review

AVG Internet Security Overview

AVG Anti-Spyware and Anti-Virus from Grisoft is part of AVG Internet Security package called Anti-Malware. In addition to them, the firewall and anti-spam module are also included in the all-inclusive package.

Anti-Spyware and Anti-Virus have a fully functional 30-day trial period, the annual subscription price for one computer for each is 29.95 dollars.

AVG Anti-Spyware

Immediately after launching, the program suggests updating spyware signatures. As a result, the program can recognize more than seven hundred thousand units of all kinds of spyware and modules.

The program window has nine tabs – Status, Update, Scanner, Shield, Infections, Reports, Analysis, Tools, Help. Consider them in more detail.


Here is a summary of the program. The left column, Your Computer’s Security, contains information about the database version, the last update date and the previous check date (with the ability to start it right away), as well as the settings for automatic update operation and resident protection.


On this tab, you can configure the update, starting with proxy support (Settings column) and ending with the interval between two automatic checks. If for some reason the machine does not work (for example, the trial version expired), then from here you can start the update via Start Update.


Perhaps the most extensive options tab. In turn, consists of three sections – Scan, Settings, Scheduler.

Scan – scan type: registry, memory, disk and so on.

Settings – scan options. You can turn on (turn off) the search inside archives, search among attached files, search among compressed files, heuristic analysis, search in additional NTFS streams.

It is also possible to turn on (turn off) the search by the type of pest programs: adware (adware), spyware cookies (tracking-cookies), conditionally-dangerous applications (riskware), paid dialers. It is convenient if, for example, there is an extensive collection of programs for remote access (which may fall under the category of riskware), and every time you check it is tedious to give the “Skip” command to them.

Plus, it is also possible to specify the types of files to check (What to scan?) (If the access speed is low, it is better to review only potentially dangerous records – the list of their types is already stuffed into the program) and the action with found pests (ignore, quarantine, as well as the option, called recommended actions, the choice of which the program itself will decide what to do with the file, depending on the degree of danger.

On the same tab, logging options (Reports) are specified ? create after each scan, create only after a scheduled scan, not create at all, or create only when threats are detected.

Scheduler – the program can perform scheduled scans. In this case, on the Scan tab, you need to create a scan of your choice (Custom Scan), then the Scheduler tab will become available.

Among the standard scheduler options, there are two beneficial ones:


You can turn on (off) the automatic tracking of the system, in part or in full. Auto-tracking can disable the shutdown of AVG Anti-Spyware, check files on startup, block application memory, automatically delete tracking (tracking) cookies.


Here you can manage objects in quarantine (restore or delete forever) and exceptions during the scan. What is nice, limitations can be set not only by the name of a file or folder but also by signature.


The name speaks for itself. Here you can view audit reports.


A new tab in which you can view and change the following parameters:

  • Processes – a list of all running processes, an analog of the task manager;
  • Connections – a list of all open relationships;
  • autostart – all programs that start when the system starts, along with the place of their launch (startup folder, registry, and so on);
  • Browser plugins – a list of visible (like Reget Toolbar) and invisible (like SSVHelper from Java) plug-ins for Internet Explorer. Malicious programs are often disguised as such plugins;
  • Lsp viewer LSP (Layered Service Provider) is a first component through which Internet access is provided (in a clear understanding).


It contains reference information on the program.

AVG Anti-Virus

The program is a multifunctional utility that combines, in addition to execution Antivirus functions, all installed products from AVG

When you start Anti-Virus, the Control Center window appears. Here you can check the statuses of all components. Are checked:

– anti-virus service;

– antispyware service (if Anti-Spyware is installed);

– scheduler;

– resident protection;

– Quarantine (named Vault);

– update manager;

– expansion of the environment for Windows (checking files from the context menu);

– email scanner;

– type and term of the license.

Regardless of the component type, by pressing the Properties button, you can turn on (turn off) the component display and ignore error messages from it.


Called through the Test Center. In primary mode, you can perform two types of checks – Scan Computer and Scan Selected Area. In a problematic way, there are three types of tests – Test, Detailed Test and System Areas, each in two versions – User or Complete.


This program was thoroughly reviewed in the previous part of the review. I will only note that the Control Center only shows its status; you can start the program only separately.


By selecting Scheduled Tasks from the context menu, you can schedule tasks. You can record either an update (by type: important, recommended, unimportant) or a system scan (types of checks in the Anti-Virus section). The task can be set for the current user or all. The rest of the options are standard – runtime, request for confirmation before execution and actions when skipping a task.

Resident shield

In the properties window of the resident protection, you can turn it on (off), set the possibility of heuristic scanning, scanning floppy disks, scanning when closing the program and checking cookies.

Virus Vault

Standard quarantine for files, which, however, contains a convenient feature – filters for sorting. You can display only certain viruses, only viruses found during a specific period, only viruses of certain types.

Update manager

Again, a typical component for any antivirus is the update system. Among the settings is an indication of the type of connection, the presence of a proxy and the choice of the source (server or local folder).

Shell extension

In addition to the on / off function, it is possible to configure a test that will be launched during such a check. In practice, it is very convenient, since, having started the usual check from the context menu for one 200-kilobyte file downloaded from the Internet, you do not want to wait for checking the memory and system areas, and you cannot completely exclude them from scanning settings.

E-mail scanner

Each plugin can be configured individually (personal test) or all together (shared analysis). In the settings – the ability to modify the subject of the letter with the virus, automatically delete infected (or in general all) attachments, a heuristic analyzer. Note: this component only protects against viruses; to protect against spam, you need to install AVG Anti-Spam or some third-party program.


View license information and the ability to activate a purchased license. In addition to these components, in the advanced mode, the program offers:

  • administrator access control for users with password protection;
  • virus encyclopedia (from the AVG website, but through the program interface);
  • settings of “hot” keys, as well as precise settings for the appearance of the program.

Bottom Line

It is difficult to assess the effectiveness of an antivirus without working with it for a sufficient amount of time. Nevertheless, in February of this year, version 7.5 received a certificate of Virus Bulletin 100, which indicates its full professional suitability. Accordingly, the user’s habit will have a more significant impact on the choice. A set of programs from AVG – for those who love the abundance of settings and the combination of different applications with similar goals under one control center. Among other things, Grisoft offers free versions of these two programs, but this is a topic for a separate review.